Letters from readers: line 130

Letters from readers: line 130

The difficult situation that many families are experiencing is well known to all, given the pitiful reality of the country as a result of the wrong policies of our rulers. Today public passenger transport also suffers from them, which led many companies to reduce their services; therefore many workers and families were severely affected. I specifically emphasize those of us who start our working day at 6 a.m., that we understand the line of what they call essential jobs, call it health, safety and teaching. This branch route 9 Tafí Viejo company withdrew without consultation and arbitrarily the first service that left from the “city of lemon” at 4.50, which, I reiterate, harmed workers in the essential segment; not to mention those families with a sick member and who must fight for a shift from an early hour in health establishments. To the owner of the line, I want to tell you that if you arrive late at your destination the consequences are not the same as if you arrive too early; the first measure is more damaging; In view of this, I request that the 4.50 service to San Miguel be restored.

Constitution 1600 – Tafí Viejo

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