Let’s drink to 12 healthy months!

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It’s always a good time to clean up and start taking care of ourselves a little more. However, as if it were just another tradition, each new year begins with a more or less long list of resolutions to be implemented during the next twelve months. Some are more difficult than others, there is no doubt, but they all need a lot of willpower, a lot of support from those close to them and, of course, a good dose of patience in the process. waiting for results.

In 2015, put aside the miracle resolutions. The professionals of the Ribera Salud group in the hospitals and health centers of La Ribera, Torrevieja, Vinalopó and Denia offer you a much more rewarding challenge: acquire good habits in your daily life.

For example, what would happen if we started the year by going back to the Mediterranean diet? This is an ideal diet, recommended by all nutritionists. It is good to remember that we must eat everything in moderation, taking advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year and without giving up the energy that our body prefers, that is, that which comes rice, pasta, legumes and bread, a food that helps us regulate our diet, increasing the nutrients that provide energy and lower fats, responsible for the main causes of disease and death.

It would also be important to moderate alcohol consumption. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is the cause of many serious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cirrhosis, liver cancer, breast cancer and cancer of the digestive tract. To drink less, experts advise drinking little alcohol, choosing fermented drinks rather than distilled drinks and spacing out the consumption. “Social” by alternating alcoholic beverages with soft drinks, juices or water, not to drink on an empty stomach and, above all, not to do so in situations of sadness or nervousness.

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recommended to combine this healthy diet with physical exercise. Doing physical activity at any age brings physical, psychological and social benefits, improving people’s quality of life. It is not necessary to do long gym sessions; just walk half an hour a day and use the stairs instead of elevators and escalators. Along with this, take advantage of the free time for family activities, such as walks with the children, skating or cycling; in addition to increased energy expenditure for the whole family, these activities generate better coexistence and strengthen bonds and affection. There is no sport or we must seek the one according to our situation, our customs and the time available, the important thing is to enjoy and integrate exercise into our habits.

Stop smoking has become one of the “great classics” of all years, and anyone who has ever tried it can see how difficult it is. However, it is important to remember that it is not impossible to achieve this. Just follow a few simple tips: get rid of all your cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays; if your appetite increases, you should try to eat healthy foods and drink more water; exercise so as not to gain weight and calm your nervousness; and, of course, seeing your family doctor or nurse at who will provide you with support and tools to help you quit smoking.


skin care do not start in the summer. We often forget that in winter the sun also affects our skin, even though there is less light and the sun seems to have less strength. During the winter season, we must continue to use sunscreen to protect us from UV rays, because the skin has a memory and does not understand the weather seasons; it continues to add hours of sunshine, from the day we are born.

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Depending on age, physical condition and state of health, screening or early detection programs and/or medical examinations are required. In this regard, the health professionals at your health center or hospital will guide you. Some of the recommended tests are:

  1. If you are a woman and are between the ages of 45 and 69, remember to have a mammogram every two years.
  2. Women should also remember that every three years it is recommended to undergo a gynecological smear.
  3. If you are over 50, male or female, it is recommended that you take part in the colon cancer screening program, a simple test with a stool sample that can be very beneficial.
  4. Parents should check that their child’s immunization schedule is complete.
  5. If you are over 60 or have a chronic illness, get your flu shot.
  6. If you have any questions about your health, talk to your doctor or health center nurse.

At last, forget stress and anxiety in the new year. Not being able to sleep or having difficulty sleeping has an impact on daily life and the activities that take place during the day. In the long term, lack of rest results in nervous disorders, interaction problems and many other problems. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid stimulants such as coffee and tea, to organize yourself in tasks and not to set unattainable goals. We must always look for the positive side of things.

All the professionals of the Ribera Salud group wish you a happy and healthy 2015!

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