Carles Marco already has his big pivot for the debut of Bàsquet Girona in LEB Or. The Latvian pivot Davis Rozitis will be the inside reference of Girona with his 2.13 height and his experience in the category where he has played with Lleida, Ourense and Guipúzcoa. In this last season, Rozitis has stood out with the team from San Sebastián with 9 points and 6 rebounds per team match that ended the year as a leader and achieving promotion, at least from a sporting point of view, to the ACB.

“I am very excited to join Bàsquet Girona, I think it is a very ambitious project where we have worked very well, in which great things can happen; I will be able to contribute my experience to LEB Or with Ourense, where we reached the Final Four, and with Guipúzcoa where we won the Cup and the League title, achieving promotion to the ACB “, explained Rozitis yesterday from of Latvia, where he returned after the cancellation of last season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

David Rozitis, like the Dane Kevin Larsen, who has changed Palencia for Breogán and who was also interested in Bàsquet Girona, was on the agenda of many LEB Or clubs and, until a few days ago, Ourense he was also trying to sign her. With Rozitis, Bàsquet Girona already has eight players confirmed for next season: Albert Sàbat and Dani Garcia in the base position; Àlex Llorca, Pep Busquets and Gerard Sevillano in the outside game; and Robert Cosialls, Olaf Schaftenaar and Davis Rozitis in the inside game. Another pivot and an escort are the last two additions left to announce the staff with which the project chaired by Marc Gasol will be premiered at LEB Or. So far, with six Catalan players, one Dutch and one Latvian, Bàsquet Girona has not used any non-EU positions.