Less remodeling and more supply of medicines in CAISES Guanajuato

Citizens claim that while the remodeling of CAISES Guanajuato is presumed, users are fighting for the shortage of medicines

Maria Thorn

Guanajuato.- At Comprehensive Care Center for Essential Health Services (CAISES) located on street Pardo on capital Guanajuatothere has been a shortage of medicines for more than a year and some of the users are forced to buy them even when they are very expensive, while others with low resources simply interrupt their treatment.

Carlos Arreguin Gonzalesa citizen diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension and one of those affected by the lack of medication, denounced the above and called on the state health authorities to support the supply of the missing medicine instead of fixing the facade of CAISES Guanajuato, as he mentioned that it is illogical that they worry about arrangements at the entrance of the property and not about ensuring the existence of medicine that guarantees the health of the citizen.

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After receiving the complaint, Newspaper Mail searched for the position Secretary of Health of the State of Guanajuato (SSEG) to know the cause of the shortage, however no response has been obtained.

“This has been repeated since last year, but right now it is causing a nuisance because there is no supply of basic medications such as for blood pressure, diabetes; no more bring us back and forth. The bad thing is that in CAISES, and I think also in the General Hospital, although I think there is a little more medicine there, they bring us back and forth, than the following week, and nothing, “said Carlos Arreguin.

He also indicated that another problem is that when they request medicine at the pharmacy, since they do not have the medicine they require, they take away part of the prescription or they mark the one that was given to them, and then “As they take away the original prescriptions, they make us make a copy and then other people do not want to give us the medication because they say that it has already been given to us because they are copies.”

Arreguin said that the medications they prescribe and “there is never in pharmacy” son linaglipinawhich is worth about two thousand pesos and he has had to buy it every month; insulina glargina which costs around 1,300 pesos per bottle and is bought every month; what’s more complex b, acetylsalicylic acid and enalapril.

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He said that in his case the medicine lasts up to a month, but he pointed out that there are other patients who take higher doses and each medicine lasts less than 30 days.

“All diabetics, hypertensive people, there is no medicine for anyone (…) every time I go I find a lot of people there in the same situation as me: they can’t find the medicine and they come back upset (…) they just fixed the entrance, the very nice facade and everything, but without drugs; It makes me illogical, ”he sentenced.




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