Lesbian Dating Tips for Your Success

To be out and proud is not enough to become entirely happy, as love is an inseparable part of the life of any human being. The art of romance requires time and effort to improve, but what if you don’t know where to start? All books on the topic of how to become more attractive and find the love of your life that exist today are mostly dedicated to heterosexual people. Which is fine, but what should the representatives of the LGBTQ+ community do? As a lesbian who’s seeking proven ways of winning dates with attractive girls in your area, you should remember only a few main rules of getting hooked up with someone attractive that can guarantee success.

1. Select a platform according to the desired type of date

Thanks to the development of modern technologies and considering how far the Internet can take us these days, it’s no wonder that people make use of it in every way possible. Gone are days when you had to embarrass yourself trying to figure out if there was any lesbian around eager to have some fun or go out on a date. Now, if you want to meet other lesbians, all you have to do is turn on your computer.

Of course, the process of seeking like-minded girls online has its peculiarities, but it’s still easier than approaching someone offline. To ensure you reach success on this online dating journey, the first thing to do is decide on the ultimate goal of it. For example, if it’s a lesbian hookup you need, you probably won’t use a platform that caters to those seeking serious relationships. Thus, go for a casual dating site that holds a waste userbase of local single lesbians looking for no-strings-attached dates. This way, you’ll save yourself some extra time for chatting with those girls who share your dating goals.

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2. Don’t overshare at the initial stage of communication

When the platform is chosen, it’s time for communication. Dating platforms are designed to make the process of seeking suitable people and reaching out to them as straightforward and convenient as possible. Thus, start with making use of built-in filters that allow you to narrow down your search. Choose the appearance of your future matches, their age, weight, height, maybe some preferences they should have, etc. When the platform offers a list of lesbians who match your criteria, choose a few girls that look the most appealing to you and reach out.

However, if you want to make sure things work, the trick is to not overshare when talking to someone for the first time online. If the first girl you reach out to is not the person you need, you’ll just waste your time in vain. Having so many available girls at your disposal may be overwhelming at first, but don’t lose your head. You’re just getting to know them to decide who’s worthy of your time, so there’s no need to lay everything out to them straight away. A few basic questions like “what’s your hobby” is more than enough at this stage.

3. Know the main lesbian ‘types’ to identify and define yourself

If you are a veteran of the lesbian dating scene, you’re probably aware of the “types” of lesbians existing today. But if you came out not so long ago or haven’t heard of any “types” we are talking about, knowing the categorization is vital if you want to feel like you belong and find a perfect match. Without getting into details, the most common types of lesbians are:

  • The lipstick or femme lesbian
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Femme lesbians defy the stereotypical image of a gay woman. They embrace their femininity and don’t mind dressing and acting like any other woman. They’re attracted to women but also love their lipstick (meaning make-up) – that’s why they’re named after it. Many straight guys confuse femme lesbians with straight girls because nothing says they are gay at first sight.

  • The butch

The other side of the coin features the exact opposite type of lesbians. These women are known for their short hair, muscular physique, assertiveness, and other traditionally masculine characteristics. Well-known butch lesbians include Tig Notaro and Hannah Gadsby. These women often have strong physical traits like muscular arms or rock-hard abs.

  • The chapstick or soft butch lesbian

The chapstick gay women are characterized by expressing themselves physically, sexually, and romantically as more (but not completely) masculine than feminine. The most famous representative of the soft butch lesbian type is Ellen Degeneres. For example, these ladies can rock a tie and heels to work, prefer short hair over long hair, and most likely use chapstick rather than lipstick.

So, which type do you belong to? Depending on what lesbian you are, you can look for girls based on their type to make sure you click.

4. Go to as many dates as you need

And the last thing to remember if you want to date successfully, especially if we talk about no-strings fun, is that you should stop feeling guilty for going out with different girls. There’s nothing wrong with meeting a new lesbian every few days to hook up or going out with the same girl a few times before hooking up with her. Everyone has their dating strategy, so you definitely shouldn’t settle for less just because some people say you must stick to one person.

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If on the first date you understand that this is not “your” person, you are free to leave and never meet her again. No one is forcing anyone to do anything, so always choose your comfort over anything else.

Being successful in lesbian dating requires effort and diligence, but if you follow the rules of seeking partners we talked about today, you’re bound to find perfect matches in no time.



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