Leroy Sané from FC Bayern Munich: “People put me in this bling-bling drawer”

The day after the disgrace in the DFB Cup against Holstein Kiel, Sané, 25, is sitting in an armchair at home – ready for a zoom interview with SPIEGEL. The footballer is wearing a training shirt from his club FC Bayern Munich. He looks relaxed. The elimination of the Champions League winner against the second division side seems ticked: “If you think too long about negative results, that doesn’t help,” says Sané.

The offensive player is used to negative headlines. No other national player currently has such a great star potential as Sané. And yet he has been struggling with a bad image in Germany for some time. In contrast, hardly anyone took any notice of it than Sané just before Christmas 2020 a relief effort for the homeless started in Munich, Manchester and Gelsenkirchen.

SPIEGEL: Mr. Sané, are you a snob?

Sané: No, but I know what you mean.

SPIEGEL: They are considered typical of the aloof football industry.

Sané: Friends have already told me this: “Leroy, some say you come across as really arrogant.” I can even understand that a little. When I’m in public, I tend to stay aloof. I don’t want to reveal so much about myself. That can come across as wrong. It is not intended. And I’m not like that either.

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