Leroy Merlin's 'top sales' that creates an effective workspace at a laughable price

Leroy Merlin's 'top sales' that creates an effective workspace at a laughable price

As a result of the confinement at home that we have lived for almost three years, some of the things that derived from those months of 2020 have remained as essential aspects Today. However, among all of them, it is possible that none of them has permeated as much anywhere in the world as the implementation of the telecommuting it has done.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have carried out their work from home, without the need for go to the office or to your job. A fact that has many advantages, but which, however, also requires certain requirements. And one of them is the fact of having a workspace able to carry out this task comfortably. Something they are very aware of in Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin creates the best workspace in your home

As is logical, the essential element for both students and workers to carry out their work correctly and comfortably, the desk is the essential element. For this reason, from Leroy Merlin they have not wanted to leave any detail to chance with their white and oak duplo deskwhich combines the most effective with the most elegant in the decorative field.

The white and oak duplo desk, available from Leroy Merlin.

And it is that the first aspect that makes it stand out in this regard from other desks is none other than his design. A most innovative design that combines an elegant oak table accompanied on one of its sides by a three shelf bookcasein which we can place our books, documents or notes necessary to have on hand at any time.

With approximate measurements of 120x54x44 centimetersand made of a wooden material, with a white melamine coating in the case of the shelf and an oak-colored melamine coating in the case of the desk, it becomes not only a tremendously practical piece of furniture, but also very elegant at the same time. time to settle any work space attractive as well as effective.

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A product with which Leroy Merlin has wanted to bet on the practicality that an effective workspace offers us without leaving aside aesthetics, an equally important aspect. A table set to become one of the ‘top sales’ in its catalogue, which you can find on Leroy Merlin’s website for a price of only 69,99 euros.



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