Leroy Merlin’s most popular removable pool is on sale: it includes a filter

The extreme heat of summer days has very few enemies that are really effective. Air conditioning is one of them, although sometimes it can raise the electricity bill too much. Leroy Merlin offers us another of those effective enemies of heat: a removable pool. Thanks to this offer Leroy Merlinthis removable pool will be ours for much less than what it costs originally.

Placing this removable pool of Leroy Merlin in the garden we will be able to refresh ourselves continuously without the need to move from home. All these are advantages that we should not ignore. Another great advantage is that it includes a treatment plant to have the cleanest water possible, but it is also worth noting that it is easy to assemble and that it is very resistant due to the composition of its materials.

If the idea of ​​placing a pool in the garden is on your mind, take a look at all the features of this removable pool from Leroy Merlin to check if it fits well with the space you have available to place one.

POWER STEEL pool measures with discount at Leroy Merlin

This rectangular tubular PV pool from the Bestway brand, Power Steel model, measures 2.01×4.04×1. Therefore, we are facing a large pool lengthwise, so we will not feel like we are in a small pool, as is often the case in these cases. This pool with offer in Leroy Merlin It is 1 meter high, more than enough to cool us down on the hottest days.

The ladder that includes this removable pool by Leroy Merlin
Thanks to the ladder included in this Leroy Merlin pool, getting in and out is easier
On the other hand, it is also important to note that this tubular pool lowered in Leroy Merlin can hold 6480 liters of capacity. Filling it is really easy and cleaning this pool is very simple thanks to its already included filter. In this way, we will not need to buy any extra accessories to start using it, although it is true that a pool cleaning pack never hurts to make our lives a little easier.

With stairs and filter included

Without a doubt, a pool is much better if it includes all the accessories to put it into operation. This pool of Leroy Merlin It comes complete, so it includes the ladder to get in and out and, of course, the treatment plant so that the water is as clean as possible for longer. Due to this, the final price is the one shown, without surprises or additions.

Leroy Merlin pool filter treatment plantLeroy Merlin pool filter treatment plant
This filter treatment plant that includes the Leroy Merlin pool is very powerful

The included cartridge filter purifier is 1250 litres/hour. Thanks to this, the water will always remain clean and at his point to give us a dip when we feel like it. On the other hand, the included ladder has three steps and its size is perfect for getting in and out of the pool without any work or difficulty.

How to lower the chlorine in the pool?

If we have the high chlorine in pool water, one of the first things to do is to shut off the chlorine supply. To do this, we must remove the chlorine float or the chlorine tablet from the filter from the pool. Next, we must let the ultraviolet rays of the sun break down the chlorine in the pool, which will suffice if the chlorine level is not too high.

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If the chlorine is quite high, the ideal thing to do would be to replace part of the pool water in order to dilute the chlorine that exists in the pool, although it is a procedure that will take a few days.

If you want a faster effect, in Leroy Merlin You will be able to find some chemical products that can help lower the level of chlorine in the pool water. They will help neutralize the chlorine already allow safe bathing.



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