The president of the People’s Force (FP), Leonel Fernández, yesterday received a group of ex-military and police officers who, due to their trajectory, accumulated great experience in the country’s security and defense organizations.

Fernández yesterday swore in 118 retired generals from different military institutions in the People’s Force, who decided to make common cause with the political thought that this party defends and fight for a more just and equitable society. “We have to be very attentive, you for your professional training and your long military career, to this issue of security and defense in the Dominican Republic,” said Fernández. The event was held in the Yarey room of the Sheraton hotel.

The retired major generals were sworn in: Joaquín Borrelly Mera, Juan A. Campusano López, Pablo Manuel Cavallo Félix, Miguel Ángel Cordero Mejía, Tomás De la Rosa Pastrano, Rafael Florentino Pérez, José Rafael López Santana, Paulino Medina Grateraux, Domingo Medina Méndez, Zenón Padilla Alcántara, Manuel Perozo Castillo, Carlos Rivera Portes and Héctor Jacobo Reyes Vilato, among others.

Prevention is missing

Leonel told the Police today that he is capable of establishing a crime investigation in 48 hours, but prevention is lacking.


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