Leonardo Interactive announces the survival sim game Hell Architect

Publisher Leonardo Interactive and developer Woodland Games announce the devilish survival sim game Hell Architect for the PC (Steam). The title will teach fear to all sinners this summer.

In Hell Architect, players build and design a hell according to their ideas. In doing so, they not only take on the role of the architect, but also that of the manager. In Hell everything is trimmed for efficiency and the hell managers who want to climb the career ladder should rather please Lilith, the head of the personnel department, and the other demon lords, including Satan himself. The players must always keep an eye on the balance between aesthetics and economy.

There are a number of options available to players to keep expanding their own hell. The lost souls, who pass through the gate of hell and can be used as labor from now on, serve as resources. Additionally, as players explore and build new types of buildings, they must ensure that the lost souls are as comfortable as possible in Hell. Only satisfied souls are efficient workers. If one of the souls should step out of line, the players have a number of demonic aids at their disposal to increase the motivation of the troublemaker again.

We’re very excited to be releasing Hell Architect on PC via Steam this summer“, Comments Daniele Falcone, General Manager of Leonardo Interactive. “We are thrilled to work with the talented team at Woodland Games and to add this survival simulation full of dark humor to our diverse portfolio. We can’t wait to see what kind of hell fans can come up with!

Features von Hell Architect

Single player campaign: Nine levels with different goals are waiting for budding hell managers. The single player campaign ideally prepares players for the demanding sandbox mode.

Extensive management: The interplay of resources, building an infrastructure and expanding Hell are the keys to success. A steady stream of new lost souls increases the potential workforce, but they also need to be managed effectively to keep the business going.

The whip of punishment: The players can face souls that stand up against each other with many torture possibilities in order to reintegrate them into the layer of working souls. The managers of Hell are of course free to torture souls just for fun.

Hell has never looked so good: The stylish 2D art style harmonizes perfectly with the brutal, bloody theme and is rounded off by dark humor.

VIP guest appearances: From time to time some of the most hideous people in history will make it to gambler’s hell. These VIPs have special skills that the players can make their own.

Developed by Woodland Games and published by Leonardo Interactive, Hell Architect will be released this summer for PC via Steam. Fans can now add the game to their wishlist on Steam. More information about Leonardo Interactive: https://leonardointeractive.com/.

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