Leon Ngankam, a neurosurgeon from Tver who saved hundreds of children’s lives, received a gold medal for his invention

In Tver, awards were presented to the winners of the Salon “Archimedes – 2022”.

The Tver Regional Universal Scientific Library named after Gorky hosted the presentation of awards to the winners of the Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes – 2022”.

“Tver State Medical University is an active participant of the Salon and this year all projects of our scientists received high awards”,

– reported to TVGMU.

Scientists from the Tver Medical University were awarded four gold and two silver medals. In particular, the famous pediatric neurosurgeon Leon Ngankam received a gold medal for the project “Device for repositioning bone fragments in fractures of the cranial vault”. Recall that Leon Ngankam became the hero of the Tverigrad.ru project “TVERTEAM. History of success”. We talked about how this miracle worker, “The Lion of Cameroon”, saved hundreds of children’s lives.

Leon Ngankam – Head of Neurosurgery at the Children’s Regional Hospital of Tver, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Neurology, Rehabilitation and Neurosurgery of the Tajik State Medical University.

According to the Tver Medical University, the gold medals “Archimedes – 2022” were awarded to the following projects: “Combined complex of dental treatment of children with mental disorders” (authors: K.V. Bukanova and O.A. Gavrilova), “A method for detecting a high risk of severe damage to the head of the brain in newborns with hypoxic-ischemic lesions of the central nervous system” (authors: T.V. Sorokovikova, L.V. Chichanovskaya), “Surgical treatment of odontogenic cysts of the upper jaw” (authors: F.V. Dulov, V.V. Bogatov), ​​”Device for repositioning bone fragments in fractures of the bones of the cranial vault” (author – L. Ngankam).

The projects “Development and implementation of innovative technologies in the work of the emergency medical service and disaster medicine in the Tver region” were awarded with silver awards (authors: L.V. Chichanovskaya, S.V. Zhukov, K.V. Maslov, N.A. Shatokhina, A.M. Morozov, T.A. Smirnova, V.P. Petrov, K.V. Bukanova, L.A. Pototskaya) and “Complex of health-saving technologies for newborns in the first year of life” (author – T.A. Smirnova ).

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