In Leogang im Pinzgau, three courageous mountain rescuers recovered a lost billy goat in icy conditions from a climbing route in the Leogang Steinberge at the weekend. “Burli” had been on the north side of the Mitterspitze on a narrow strip of grass in the middle of a rock face since June. He was likely to have run after chamois and not found the descent, as the Salzburg mountain rescue announced on Monday evening.

Because of the cold snap, the owner of “Burli”, a farmer, was already worried about the animal’s welfare. On Saturday, the mountain rescuers from the Leogang branch climbed up to the billy goat after some mountaineers had failed to catch him in the past few weeks.

Mountain rescuers bring billy goat owners back

The narrow strip of grass on which the animal grazed could only be reached in the second or third degree of difficulty via an access through an approximately five-meter-high chimney, as Hans Embacher, head of the Leogang mountain rescue service, described. The volunteers managed to capture “Burli”. He was roped down over the chimney.

The mountain rescuers brought the billy goat, which was apparently attracted to chamois, into the valley after the abseil operation and handed it to its owner, who thanked him for saving his animal. “We christened the billy goat ‘Burli’. He stayed up there alone all summer,” said Embacher. “All visitors to the Leoganger Klettersteig Nord and the Passauer Hütte, who were within sight, could admire the animal.” Even a climbing route, the “Black Goass”, which was only completed in September, was named after “Burli”.

(Source: SALZBURG24 / APA)

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