LEO Pharma presents its fourth session of the MED (Medical Express Dialogues), focused on the treatment of psoriasis in Primary Care and Dermatology

The MEDs are a series of five talks by different health professionals focused on explaining and transmitting in a relaxed and close way, as well as scientific, topics of interest on dermatology and its impact on the quality of life of patients. This fourth session is focused on the management of psoriasis in Primary Care and Dermatology, with the aim of sharing its vision on the comprehensive management of patients with psoriasis. On this occasion, Dr. Sahuquillo begins with a reflection on the importance of patient access to medical professionals and the need to improve patient care, from initial diagnosis to subsequent treatment.

On the other hand, Dr. Ballester comments on the main criteria for referral of patients with psoriasis from the field of Primary Care. Among these, the importance of BSA (Body Surface Area) to determine the severity of psoriasis, the presence of comorbidities in patients or cases of psoriatic arthritis stand out. In summary, Dr. Sahuquillo recommends referral to a dermatologist for those patients who the primary care physician perceives cannot be treated with topical therapy alone.

Dr. Sahuquillo mentions how in the last 5-10 years the knowledge about patients with psoriasis and its comorbidities, in many cardiovascular cases, has increased remarkably. This implies following a series of values ​​such as LDL, which is very high in most patients with psoriasis, and which can lead to more severe complications such as fatty liver and even hepatocarcinoma. Cardiovascular management is fundamental, and the role of Primary Care physicians and their knowledge in this area stands out.

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Also noteworthy is Dr. Ballester’s reflection on the psychological dimension of the pathology, how it affects the quality of life of patients and how current treatments can modify the natural evolution of psoriasis.
Finally, the doctors reflected on the needs of patients with long-term psoriasis, introducing the concept of proactive topical management, consisting of treatment twice a week when psoriasis is latent, to lengthen the period free of outbreaks.

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Abordaje integral del paciente con Psoriasis: de la Dermatología a la Atención Primaria

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