Leo Morales, River fan and Gymnastics player, enjoyed Lobo’s victory against Boca

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Last Saturday Gimnasia visited Boca in the Bombonera in a match that had an emotional tribute to Diego Maradona on the day that the 10th would have turned 61. The acknowledgments for Diego were both in the previous and in the 10th minute of the game –as happened in all the matches on the 19th of the Professional League- when the referee stopped the game and there was a minute of applause. Of course, La Boca experienced a day of emotions since Maradona passed away when he was DT del Lobo and his passion for Boca is also known.

Although the eternal rival was 12 points behind River before the start of date 19, the defeat against Lobo left him totally out of the fight for the title and also – for the moment – outside the classification zone for the Cup. Liberators of 2022. It is that the Wolf beat him 1 to 0 with a goal from Luis Rodríguez from a penalty and aroused madness in the town of Tripero who achieved his tenth victory in history on the Boca court. But there was a footballer from the La Plata cast who enjoyed it twice as much.

Leonardo Morales, happy to have gone down to Boca

“I did not want Boca to win, I wanted to feel part of having dropped them from the championship, so I was happy about that and because Gimnasia deserved it”, assured the central marker of Lobo in dialogue with Footsteps and then confirmed the reason why he enjoyed the victory of Lobo so much: “Obviously I am from the band and that is why I enjoy it to the fullest”. The defender also claimed to have tattoos of the Greatest on his body but did not want to show them on camera.


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