The little one was as a guest conductor in the program ‘Hoy’ where he showed his wit

Leo Herrera, the interpreter of ‘Nico’ in ‘I give you life’,

filled the program forum with tenderness and sympathy


where in addition to entertaining drivers with their occurrences, he called attention for the peculiar claim he made to

Andrea Escalona.

And it is that in one of the sections in which he appeared next to

Galilea Motijo,

Paul Stanley and Lambda García, the child actor accused the daughter of Magda Rodriguez to get into other people’s conversations.

“I came here as a guest and Escalona even gets into Lambda’s and me’s talks, she is meticulous and also a gossip,” said the 6-year-old boy.

Before the signal, Andrea appeared in a painting to clarify that she was approached because she heard her name, an argument that Leo did not take long to refute, assuring that nobody invited her to the talk.

Galilea Montijo intervened in the amusing discussion and sided with the guest by recalling an old saying that hints at the sincerity that characterizes children. “I’m going to tell you one thing, Escalona, ​​drunkards and children always tell the truth,” he said with a laugh.

Leo’s time in the morning also left his hip movements and his ability to guess words, in addition to giving a chair in singing in one of the sections in which he wore a toupee with which he showed his resemblance to Paul Stanley.