Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen) review: a small tablet for the family

In terms of aesthetics, we have little to say about the Tab M10 Plus. It has a quality finish, which approaches what Lenovo offers on its high-end tablets, such as the P12 Pro. The rear is two-tone and two-material, with a large aluminum part and a rough plastic band. It’s quite stylish and it’s hard to guess that this tablet is priced under $300 at first glance.

At the front, it’s a 10.6-inch panel that catches the eye. It is surrounded by a narrower black frame than on the previous model and a front photo module is housed in its right edge. The tablet therefore favors use in landscape mode, as is now often the case with manufacturers who rely on use as much oriented towards entertainment as towards work. A camera placed in landscape mode is perfectly suited for videoconferencing, for example. The display occupies about 85% of the total surface, which remains comfortable, even with a stylus. The M10 Plus is indeed compatible with the 2nd generation Precision Pen.

The contours of the tablet are distinguished by the presence of the volume controls on the right, the start button above as well as a USB-C port and a 3.5 mm mini-jack on the bottom edge . It also benefits from 4 speakers and Dolby Atmos optimized stereo sound.


The headphone jack is quite surprising. It delivers excellent power, has contained distortion and average dynamic range. All good do you think? Well no ! This pretty picture is tainted by a catastrophic stereo rendering. It’s quite a shame, but not necessarily embarrassing for the use that will be made of the tablet.

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