Lenovo releases ThinkPad X1 Carbon with Ubuntu or Fedora as optional OS – Computer – News

Yes absolutely agree. If you’re talking about stability and hardware compatibility of the OS, sure.
In addition, I really believe that the large software farmers should go along with this trend. The development of the snap store really needs to be improved by a factor of 5. Many applications are simply not there.

I sometimes play around with Linux (various Distros) and I notice that it often breaks down in my office / business use. So I thought I would play around one evening with:

Citrix Workspace on Linux, only worked after I had to manually import extra certificates in Mozilla and only started in HTML5 based version for me. I work with published apps, not a full desktop. I personally don’t like that experience. You might want to do some more research, but then you’ll have to put in the time.

Xelion (VOIP) works via Java and cannot be started at all. Also posted on T.Net forum about this. If even 1 of the NOS Moderators has spent hours in this and hasn’t discussed it, then I still don’t think something like this is user-friendly.

Fortinet only accepts SSL VPN on Linux, IPSEC is not active out of the box. (okay, that’s for the Minecraft server at a colleague’s house, but again you have to look for solutions for what is performed much better within Windows and Mac.

Microsoft Office should be done with detours, not out of the .deb

How to Install Microsoft Office on Linux
You have three ways to run Microsoft’s industry-defining office software on a Linux computer:

Use Microsoft Office on the web in a Linux browser.
Install Microsoft Office using PlayOnLinux.
Use Microsoft Office in a Windows virtual machine.

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As long as these big guys don’t last, Linux for the desktop/laptop for end users will remain a niche. Anyway, this is based on my experience.

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