HThe emptiness is played out ectically. The media departments of sports associations around the world are trying to fill the big nothing, waiting for the Tokyo Olympics, which may or may never start in a year, with advertising messages. Sometimes it gets involuntarily strange, as in the case of the German Olympic Sports Association, which markets under the keyword “Morelympia”, where there is not only less, but actually nothing: “More anticipation, more preparation, more Olympia.” Aha.

However, on Thursday, 365 days before the planned start, the PR department of the International Olympic Committee distributed a compilation of some scenes from Leni Riefenstahl’s propaganda film for the Games of the National Socialists in Berlin in 1936 on her @ olympics channel on Twitter, which was followed by six million users . “Berlin experienced the first torch relay before the Olympic flame was lit. We can’t wait for the next one. #strongertogether “.

Stronger together, Riefenstahl pictures, the Nazi invention Torch relay: pure oblivion of history? No. The IOC provided the desired interpretation with an explanation, apologetically, why the 30-second film was deleted on Friday afternoon. It was carefully curated, no Hitler salute, no swastika to be discovered, but still images of Jesse Owens and the German long jumper Luz Long cut into it. It was about their friendship, about “unity and solidarity”. The IOC even assembles the Nazi games in such a way that it can propagate its fiction of a Teflon sports festival where politics runs off.

By February 4, 2022, there are only 558 days. Then the next winter games should begin in Beijing. Olympia once again a guest in the most powerful dictatorship in the world, whose sole ruler (Xi Jinping) and his party (KP) have a group of people (Uyghurs) interned in camps due to their religious affiliation (Muslims). The IOC distributes top marks for preparation every few months, starting with its German President Thomas Bach.

And so the recycling of Nazi propaganda images in the media of the 21st century is as shameless and nefarious as it is consistent. In the summer of emptiness, you can see the cold mechanics of Olympic power. It hasn’t changed.