Leni Klum: allegations from ex-GNTM candidate

  • Leni Klum is currently living up to her name
  • Heidi Klum’s daughter has been able to secure one job after the other in recent months
  • But would Leni be so popular without her famous mother?

Leni Klum: Huge success thanks to Heidi Klum

She is the daughter of Heidi Klum and is living the dream thousands young models – Leni Klum is currently following in her mother’s footsteps and celebrating one success after the next.

Whether it’s “Vogue”, “Glamour” or “Harper’s Bazaar” – after her modeling debut last year, the pretty 17-year-old has already graced one or the other cover of famous magazines. In addition, Leni Klum ran for well-known designers at the world’s fashion weeks and created theirs own collection for “About You” and is currently in a huge campaign to see for Deichmann. No question – Leni Klum is more successful than ever.

That the huge career breakthrough also with her famous mother There is no question that Heidi Klum is related – after all, the GNTM boss is world famous and has numerous contacts into the fashion world.

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