Legumes are healthy food

What are pulses?

The news dedicated to science keep sharing the effects of our diet on our health. This time we will focus on lgumes seconds, which collects the fruits of legumes. also known as lguminous they are classified into three main categories: lentils, beans and peas.

Legumes to fill with protein powder

Usually the term protein refers to eggs, milk, fish and meat. But wrists, like tofu, is very rich in vegetable proteins. The latter is complementary to that of animal origin. These 2 typesfood is complementary. Watch out for bloating though!

Pulses are good for the body

This food is an excellent source of dietary fiber

Legumes contain a particularly high content of vitamins vitamin B and minerals. Pulses also contain trace elements such as magnesium, iron and calcium. They are also rich in dietary fiber, which has positive effects on cholesterol levels, and prevents constipation. They can ensure the proper functioning of digestion, and bring a feeling of satisfaction.

Beware of certain poisonous species

Despite their nutritional interests, including proteins, some legumes contain quite toxic substances if consumed in high doses. For example, the consumption of fves can cause a hemolytic crisis in some people with a specific genetic defect.

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