The remastered collection is listed for the Microsoft service in the Polish digital store.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition came to our hands during the first half of this year, with a collection of the first three titles of the renowned series of BioWare which has sold well above EA’s expectations. Those who still do not have it have wondered if it will ever come to Xbox Game Pass through EA Play, and the truth is that it could become a reality soon.

The Polish Xbox store has marked the game with the sealAs several users have seen, with captures on networks and others collected on websites such as XGP, the Polish Xbox store has marked the game with the Game Pass stamp. This brand is carried by all the titles available in Microsoft’s subscription service that gives access to a library with hundreds of games available on Xbox consoles and PC.

The logo finally has been withdrawn, but it is strange to think that it was simply a mistake, since there has been no official communication about it. The fact that EA Play is included in Game Pass also reinforces this theory, since it would not be strange if it became part of the service soon.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was released in May of this year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and contains the original trilogy BioWare games, along with all its downloadable content, a higher resolution and frame rate as well as textures, character modeling, shadows and effects revised for the occasion. If you miss something else, don’t worry, the modders have even recovered a lost DLC from the first game.

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