Legalization: American politicians publish pornography as an election campaign

To draw attention to the election programme

American politician publishes pornography of himself

With a porn video, an American politician wants to clarify his position on a more liberal approach to sex. The fact that the video now appears of all time is no accident."/>1/4

An American politician goes on an election campaign with a porn video and makes his election program accessible.

Shortly before the congressional elections, the American politician Mike Itkis (53) caused a stir with a special campaign. He publishes a pornography of himself on the Internet to emphasize his “sex-positive commitment”, according to his own statements.

According to his website, Itkis, who is running for the 12th District in New York, is a pro-legal advocate for sex work and abortion rights that were overturned by the US Supreme Court a few months ago. He wanted to underline this commitment with the 13-minute clip, the politician told City and State New York. “Just talking about it doesn’t mean I’m really committed to it,” says Itikis. “Making the video was an educational experience and also influenced my views on certain topics.”



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