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Karla goes shopping in the supermarket. But the many things do not fit into their shopping exchanges. Without further ado, Karla unpacks the fruit, cornflakes and toothpaste and wants to give the cardboard boxes to customer service. But the employee shakes his head. You have to dispose of the packaging material yourself. Karla doesn’t agree with that at all. The store has to do it. But can you leave packaging material in the store? Can you do that?

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For once, the “Kassensturz” audience was wrong.


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no Anyone who shops in self-service shops buys the products as they are presented: with the packaging. In this case, it is up to the consumer to dispose of the packaging material at their own expense. The Environmental Protection Act stipulates that cantons and municipalities have to set up collection points so that as much waste as possible can be recycled and the rest can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

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The dossier

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However, there are shops that are willing to accept and dispose of packaging material from their customers. This is a voluntary service, an accommodation. Shops are not obliged to do this.

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