Left and right brain hemispheres: How they work together in the brain

Had Albert Einstein’s Genie in his Brain signed? The intellectual abilities of the German physicist with American citizenship who theory of relativity developed? That wanted Thomas Harvey find out. When Albert Einstein was in a hospital on April 18, 1855 Princeton (New Jersey) died, the pathologist and neurologist working there removed his brain.

Harvey sliced ​​it up and preserved it in two mason jars. He traveled with it to discover the “Fountain of Genius” other researchers to show, and also sent parts of the brain to colleagues. some believed particularities having recognized the Nobel Prize winner’s brain, most thought so Not for relevant.

The organ thief came under massive criticism and later lost his license to practice medicine. In 1997 he decided to add the pickled bits Einstein’s granddaughter to hand over, but Evelyn Einstein refused. And so they ended up back in pathology at Princeton. Harvey died in 2007 and his family donated what was left of the famous mind to the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Chicago, which has since moved to Silver Spring, Maryland.

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