LeBron James promised to take revenge for the elimination of Los Angeles Lakers in NBA Playoffs 2021

The passage of LeBron James by NBA For 18 seasons it has been a box office film that year after year breaks the record of published assistant. Right now, the protagonist is hurt by the elimination of Los angeles lakers in the first round of Playoffs… How will this story continue?

LeBron decided to put on the armor from the movie Gladiator and evoke the famous character from Russell Crowe, Maximum Tenth South, in an Instagram post to make a promise to all Lakers fans. In the NBA 2021-22 there will be sports revenge!

In the video of LeBron’s official account on Instagram you can see the Gladiator scene in which Máximo makes a promise to Comodo (Joaquin Phoenix): “I will have my revenge in this life or the next”. That same idea came to James’ head and the NBA world began to shake.

“I promise you that I will. Don’t tell me if you want to too! “, was the promise that LeBron James wrote to Lakers fans along with the video of the protagonist of Gladiator stating that there will be revenge. ‘The king’ he’s thirsty for revenge and the NBA knows it.

LeBron James is still present in the NBA Playoffs with unmissable reactions

Contrary to taking a break from the NBA world, LeBron James is a loyal fan of Playoff games and has not hesitated to react to the plays of the most striking semi-final series in the Eastern Conference: Brooklyn Nets vs. Milwaukee Bucks.