Lebanon .. The Minister of Health reveals the reasons for the high number of Corona injuries

Firas Al-Abyad said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, “These positive tests are due to the new mutant of the highly contagious corona that is spreading all over the world, in addition to the weak community immunity in Lebanon,” noting that the percentage of vaccinated people has not exceeded 45% to date.

At the same time, the Lebanese Minister of Health confirmed that “the situation in hospitals is still under control,” revealing that “he will not go to close the country, but rather to tighten the measures that will be announced after the Corona committee meeting this week, in addition to encouraging the vaccination.”.

He also called on the Lebanese to “the necessity of completing the vaccinations and taking the third and fourth doses as soon as possible.”.

He added, “The country is witnessing about 800 infections per day, including more than 30 cases in normal rooms in hospitals, and 80 cases of the total number of those in hospitals in intensive care, and those who did not receive sufficient doses of Corona vaccines.”

Al-Abyad pointed out that “the space is now being allowed to give the vaccine to children between the ages of 5 and 13 years,” encouraging parents “the necessity of giving vaccines to their children.”

Al-Abyadh asked the Lebanese to “gather in open spaces instead of closed ones,” noting that “there is no need to be afraid of swimming pool water due to the presence of chlorine in it,” with the increase in demand during the summer.

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And he continued, in his speech to “Sky News Arabia”: “The responsibility lies with each individual, and as long as the situation in hospitals is under control, we will not resort to the option of closure, but the trend is to more strictness in preventive measures.”

And he continued, “We are dealing with a rapidly transmitting mutant, and whoever is infected or suspects that he has corona must self-isolate.”

Vaccines and other diseases

On the other hand, the minister expressed his regret at the decline in the numbers and rates of vaccinations for children in Lebanon, due to the high prices and poor economic conditions.

He said, “We are afraid of polio, especially since the number of vaccines in this regard has fallen to less than 60 percent, compared to 90 percent previously. We are waiting for the efforts of the care centers in the ministry so that the numbers return to what they were previously.”

With regard to the pilgrims’ vaccines, he said: “They will be available in the next two days in pharmacies. We have worked to lift subsidies on them to allow access to pilgrims quickly before their travels.”


On the other hand, Al-Abyadh revealed that the tests for detecting monkeypox had arrived in Lebanon, explaining that the previously announced case in Lebanon remained isolated and monitored by the Ministry..

He concluded his speech by “reassuring” the Lebanese about the conditions of hepatitis C patients, which has spread in the north of the country.

He said, “The number of infections has decreased a lot, while the water tests continue. The phenomenon is not alarming, and it is not the first time that it has spread in the country, but it was the most this year.”

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