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16/07/2021 87% of companies have policies for the well-being of their employees, but the confinements have complicated their implementation. Yoga is one of the best antidotes against stress and burnout syndrome in companies. A pioneering project developed by eTrivium and YogaWorks that allows anyone to benefit from this ancient discipline through e-learning, whenever and wherever they want.

The pandemic has put the well-being of employees at the center of company policy around the world.

It has been shown that practices such as Yoga in the company environment help combat anxiety and stress, which can lead to the ‘burnout’ or ‘burned out’ syndrome and even an increase in sick leave.

87% of companies have corporate wellbeing policies, but only 55% have managed to implement them through specific programs in the current environment dominated by remote work and social distance.

This is even more important when 42% of workers have experienced a deterioration in their mental health since the start of the pandemic, according to data from professional services consultancy AON.

For this reason, Yoga Works Y eTrivium have developed the program I & YOGA that combines theory and practice through an easy, attractive and balanced e-learning methodology, so that companies can incorporate Yoga into the daily development of their wellness policies.

Anyone, regardless of the activity they are doing, will have access to good practices that will positively influence their general health and well-being.

Anna Domínguez Cando, Co-founding partner of eTrivium, highlights that thanks to the integration of e-learning methodologies “The barriers of space and time are broken, allowing you to decide with total flexibility when and where to start enjoying the benefits of this initiative, favoring the inclusion of initiatives that significantly impact the employer brand.

Greater well-being means greater productivity.

Luisa Figueroa, CEO and founder of Yogaworks, notes that “the balanced introduction of yoga in a company allows teams to achieve greater speed when making decisions, with an improvement in internal communication that improves the work environment and boosts productivity”.

Therefore, the program I & YOGA It consists of several interactive modules that combine theory and practice through an attractive and dynamic methodology, both for those who want to start practicing and for those who want to deepen this discipline of well-being.

In the words of María de la Peña Sola, co-founder partner of eTrivium, “I & YOGA It is a unique experience for the user in which content and visual design dialogue with each other through the use of interactivity and rhythm in the use of different resources throughout the entire program.”.

Is your company interested in new wellbeing initiatives? At [email protected] and [email protected] they can help you get them started.

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