Learn the truth about lung fibrosis after recovering from Corona and tips to avoid complications

When infected with the Corona virus, some people are exposed to lung problems, and cause a lack of oxygen, and patients need special care, most notably the situation on the oxygen supply devices to the body according to the needs of the situation. With different grips such as Almizl and Alsab.

Some patients with corona are exposed to pulmonary fibrosis, which is one of the complications after infection, and this symptom makes breathing very difficult and the patient needs special care to avoid exposure to any health complications because this condition is life-threatening.

According to a report published on“thehealthsite” Pulmonary fibrosis is a condition that has no cure, but quick diagnosis and treatments can help improve the condition and symptoms, but without cure.

Lung fibrosis is the occurrence of tissue scarring, which leads to severe shortness of breath, chronic cough and general weakness of the body, and the thick tissues in the lung obstruct its proper and proper functioning.

The report stressed that a patient with corona and pulmonary fibrosis should visit the doctor continuously so as not to be exposed to any health complications, as vitamins are one of the good preventive methods to avoid exposure to any health complications.

A patient with pulmonary fibrosis needs to take zinc and vitamins supplements for the smooth functioning of the respiratory system and strengthen the immune system, and this is done by eating healthy foods rich in whole grains, fruits and dairy products, and foods full of omega-3 acids. You can take honey to treat a cough..

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The report added, that the pulmonary fibrosis patient should reduce the intake of foods rich in saturated fats and foods that contain a high percentage of salt and added sugars..




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