Learn the symptoms and causes of sepsis

Sepsis is an over-response of the immune system that develops into an infection in the body that can have life-threatening consequences. It develops when chemicals are released into the bloodstream to fight infection, but they cause inflammation throughout the body, so this infection can lead to a medical condition. emergency such as septic shock, according toonlymyhealth“.

Symptoms of infection with sepsis:

Discolored skin with spots.

Lack of urination.

Mental ability problems.


Low platelet count.

– Breathing problems.

Abnormal heart rate.

– Chills.

What causes sepsis?

Abdominal infection.

Bloodstream infection.


Kidney infection.

Increased resistance to antibiotics that aim to kill bacteria.

Weakened immune system.

What are the signs of sepsis?

Low body temperature.

– Fever.

– The color is pale.



– Diarrhea.

Yellowing of the skin.


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