Some websites interested in technical affairs have leaked pictures and information about some specifications of the upcoming Apple smartwatch.

According to the latest leaks, the expected watch will be similar in design to the current Apple Watch 7, but it will feature some new external touches.

The leaked images of the expected design of the watch show that the watch will have a rectangular screen, but it is curved on the sides more than the screens of the current Apple Watch.

Leaks reveal the upcoming Apple Watch

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The leaks also indicated that the frame of the new watch structure will contain two longitudinal holes for the speakers, which indicates that the speakers may become more effective than those in the Watch 7 watches now.

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Announcing a smart watch that competes with the latest Apple and Samsung watches

The new watch is supposed to be equipped with advanced sensors to measure heart rates and blood oxygen, as well as a sensor that is supposed to help measure blood sugar levels, and you may get the “fall tracking” feature, which is considered one of the practical features that may save the lives of many users In emergency situations or when they are exposed to accidents.

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