One of the biggest illusions of players regarding the current generation of consoles is that we will most likely see the launch of a new Grand Theft Auto. We have heard all kinds of rumors about GTA 6 and, unfortunately, Rockstar Games has chosen not to comment on the matter. We only have to resort to leaks that have emerged in recent years. Of course, few are as reliable as the one that we will let you know today.

Tom Henderson, who has proven to be a insider reliable, especially for the community of Battlefield, revealed key information about GTA 6. First of all, it reinforces the rumors about its distant launch, anticipating that the game will not be available before 2025. It’s for this very reason that Take-Two Interactive, owner of Rockstar Games, is in no rush to announce it.

Why the development of GTA 6 is it requiring more time compared to the previous titles? Everything would be related to crunch reports at Rockstar Games that Jason Schreier, now a journalist for Bloomberg, revealed in 2018. It is evident that this situation damaged the image of the company and generated a positive change in its work culture. Among the measures they took was:expand the development schedule of your next projects.

Returning to Henderson’s information, he assures that GTA 6 will be set in a modern version of Vice City. The above contrasts with other reports that anticipated a supposed return to the 1980s. Why stay in the modern era? According to him insiderThis is because Rockstar wants to give its developers full creative freedom to create additional content for the online mode of GTA 6 (GTA Online). Returning to the past imposes several creative limits in this regard.

In what corresponds to the map of GTA 6, indicates that will have changes over time. It is a strategy that we have already seen with the most popular battle royales on the market. Games like Warzone Y Fortnite They usually introduce new features on their stage from time to time to offer new experiences. Finally, Henderson mentions that the campaign will allow us to play with multiple characters, thus taking up one of the main novelties of GTA 5.