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Speculation is rife after the sneak peek of a photo of a white controller presumably working with the Xbox Series X.

Reddit Xbox Series X
Reddit Xbox Series X

The copy was reportedly brought to a party by the child of a Microsoft employee.


An image of Microsoft’s next gamepad decked out in white appeared on Reddit this weekend. The account at the origin of the publication was however quickly closed on the discussion forum. The snapshot would have been taken at a party in Washington State including the child of an employee of Microsoft, a company which has its neighborhood in Redmond in the same state.

The controller includes the expected new D-pad, as well as the share button intended for Microsoft’s next-gen controllers. The associated console was also white and “looked boxier and the Xbox button bigger,” according to the now ex-account holders “Wolfy_Wizzardo” interviewed by TheVerge. They also claim to have played games on the console and that the interface still resembled the user interface of the Xbox One.

This white Xbox controller could confirm the existence of a second, next-gen Xbox. According to rumors, Microsoft would launch this cheaper version responding to the code name Lockhart and which could take the name Xbox Series S. As noted by the specialized site, it could also simply be a special edition of the Xbox Series X for Microsoft employees only. The Redmond firm had created a white Xbox One exclusively for employees who had worked on the console when it was delivered in 2013.

As a reminder, Microsoft and Sony plan to market their next-generation consoles at the end of the year. The American firm has so far unveiled a model in black, so its Japanese rival has chosen … white for its PlayStation 5 console.