“League of Legends” – No more insulting the opposing team in the “LoL” game


Publisher Riot Games is temporarily disabling the global chat feature with the latest game update.

“League of Legends” has reached over 115 million monthly active players.

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To address the issue of toxic online trading in “League of Legends,” Riot Games has announced a change from patch 11.21 to its popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). The Los Angeles-based publisher has made the decision to disable chat / all, namely global chat. As a result, teams will no longer be able to communicate with their opponents. Exchanges between teammates will of course continue to be authorized, specifies game director Andrei Van Roon.

“While the chat / all can be the source of a fun social interaction between teams, as well as good-hearted banter, negative interactions currently outweigh the positive,” said the editor in a statement on the official website of the game.

Riot Games explains that this decision only affects the global chat active during games. At the end of these, the discussion space will again allow the teams to exchange ideas.

The company, which presents the change as a test, says it will assess its impact on in-game interactions, as well as player reactions based on polls and their spontaneous feedback. She will then decide if the chat / all will remain disabled or will be rehabilitated.


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