Riot Games specifies “Project L”. The LoL fighting game should come in 2023. The studio has now announced some key facts. Including four champions.

the essentials in brief

  • Riot Games showed a first gameplay for “Project L”.
  • The netcode is the most important thing for the studio.
  • The release is planned for 2023 at the earliest.

At the “RiotXArcane” celebration, Riot Games presented a gameplay for the League of Legends fighter game “Project L” for the first time.

It’s the studio’s first fighting game. But fans shouldn’t rejoice too soon: The game will be released in 2023 at the earliest. More information will follow next year.

Riot Games: These champions are there

Which important key facts have already been announced: The fight mode is tag teams (2v2). The controls are kept simple. But there will also be a lot of combos possible.

Netcode has the highest priority for the studio, as reported by «». The champion pool is still open, but the studio has already announced some champions in the announcement video. Ahri, Darius, Ekko and Jinx are there.

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