Law in Tennessee allows psychologists to turn away gay patients

This project is not aimed directly at LGBT people, but according to associations it is they who suffer directly. They also strongly condemned it. But they are not the only ones. The American Counseling Association, a professional group of psychologists, likens the measure to an “unprecedented attack.” For them, this law “violates the group’s code of ethics, according to which mental health professionals cannot refuse to help a patient on the basis of ‘personal values, attitudes, beliefs or behavior'”. They add that this law “is rooted in a dangerous misconception that religion can be used as a pass to discriminate.”

The governor justified himself by saying that the law as voted by the Senate evokes “principles” and no longer “beliefs”. It is also enshrined in this bill that psychologists cannot refuse patients in imminent danger or those who could harm those around them.

Wave of anti-LGBT law in the United States