Laura Waypert dyes her hair ‘ash’

Laura Waypert dyes her hair ‘ash’

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Lola Weippert inspires with a new hair color

Lola Weippert inspires with a new hair color © Instagram: lolaweippert

Presenter Lola Weippert dyed her hair. Instead of warm, blond hair, these are now ash-colored.

Lola Weippert (27) has a new look. The presenter became known through the radio station BigFM, where she had her own show called “Lola blasphemes”. It was only in 2019 that the blonde was back on the screen – in the online format of “Love Island”. The 27-year-old hasn’t changed much in appearance in recent years. The fans know her with long, golden blonde hair. But now she shows herself with a new hair color.

Lola Weippert has undergone a change that she is now presenting on social media. The presenter posted the first pictures with her new hair color on Instagram. The length of her hair has remained the same, but the color has changed. She herself writes: “It was the best time to finally try something new – something I’ve wanted for a long time.” But the process of becoming an ash blonde was very exciting for the 17-year-old: “I was so excited: First my hair was orange, then blue, eventually yellow and I just thought to myself: what kind of crazy idea did I come up with?! But the next time I looked in the mirror, it looked like this and I was super happy.”

The fans celebrate their “snappy idea”

She adds: “I’m curious about your reactions” and the fans comment promptly. So someone enthusiastically writes: “Looks really really beautiful” and another follower agrees: “You look adorable”. However, other fans say: “I liked your hair color better before” or I actually like it better before but honestly you can really wear anything!”. But most of them understand their desire for something different very well: “Both suit you and I understand the urge for change”.

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