Laura is found in an Edomex hospital, she died of poisoning

Mexico state.- Laura Ximena She was a happy young woman, she left her house on Saturday to go to a party with her friends but she did not come home anymore, her mom found her dead in a hospital Of the municipality of Zinacantepec, State of Mexico, apparently died of poisoning.

It was on Saturday, July 10, when Laura Ximena, 20, left her house to go with a friend to a family reunion, but something unknown happened, she began to feel bad so they requested support from the emergency services.

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Paramedics came to the scene to help her, but she had to be taken to a hospital, where she died minutes later.

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When her mother saw that her daughter did not come home, she began to look for her, finding her in a regional clinic in the Mexican Institute of Social Security of Zinacantepecwhere he had lost his life

After death the Attorney General of the State of Mexico An investigation was initiated, it was ruled out that he had signs of violence, until now it is unknown what substances caused his death.

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His death shocked the university community of the UAEM, where he was a student at the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, in addition to being part of the War Flag of the University Militarized Sports Contingent, through a statement the rector of his faculty regretted his death and gave condolences to the family.

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