Laura Escanes boasts GREAT HAIR thanks to keratin straightening: what is it, how much does it cost, how long does it last…

Laura Escanes boasts GREAT HAIR thanks to keratin straightening: what is it, how much does it cost, how long does it last…

We spoke to the experts to clarify all doubts about the GOA Organics Keratin Infusion smoothing treatment with which Laura Escanes boasts rejuvenated, healthy hair, with extreme shine and softness. Smooth as a board without irons!

Laura Escanes (26 years old) is a big fan of keratin straightening, she has been doing it for years and her curls are now a thing of the past. The influencer set up her own beauty salon in Madrid, Blondie, which specializes in this type of treatment, especially GOA Organics. Laura Escanes loves to innovate with her hair but above all and above all she always wants to wear it perfectly.

With this treatment, Escanes says Say goodbye to frizz and frizz and have a hydrated and smooth HAIR like a straightener thanks to the Keratin Infusion treatment, the treatment with which you say goodbye to straightening irons and hello to perfect, bouncy hair. We have spoken with the experts at Doyslan, a hairdressing salon specialized in coloring, extensions and hair treatments, and they have given us all the keys to Laura Escanes’ keratin straightening.

Laura Escanes
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What is the Goa Organics keratin infusion treatment and why is it so trendy over other keratin relaxers?

It is a completely innovative and exclusive treatment based on 35 natural active ingredients, including a mixture of 20 essential oils. Get a 100% natural smooth effect: rejuvenates hair, repairs and provides extreme softness, provides long-lasting shine and removes 100% of frizz. “There is no treatment that manages to remove 100% of frizz, a natural straightening and at the same time care for hair like this”, Doyslan experts tell us.

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How is the keratin straightening process?

  • We wash the hair very well with an alkaline ph shampoo to eliminate the residues that the hair has.
  • Then, we dry 100% of the hair and let the product act.
  • We rinse the excess product and dry the hair and proceed to seal it with the iron.
  • We rinse very well removing all the product.
  • We dry the hair at your leisure and show off GREAT HAIR.

Can it be done on colored hair and for which hair is it not indicated? Does it work on curly hair?

“The only case in which it cannot be done is in 100% gray hair. For all the others it is totally indicated”, they explain in Doyslan.

Why have keratin straightenings become the star treatment not only in summer but throughout the year?

  • for comfort. You can get your hair wet both on the beach and in the pool and when it dries the hair is styled. In addition, it does not move even with humidity, rain…
  • by quality. Being an organic product, it treats the hair from the inside out. It looks healthy and bright.
  • For security. There are hairs that due to their structure and shape have a bad appearance, therefore if your hair looks good you will feel great.

What does keratin straightening do and how long does it last?

Leaves a natural hair straightening and removes 100% of frizz. It lasts around 6 months, although in some types of hair it can last longer (up to eight or nine months).

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What is the difference between keratin and keratin straightening?

Keratin removes frizz from hair and keratin straightening leaves hair straight and removes frizz.

What damage can it cause to the hair and what benefits does it have?

  • No damage, it is long lasting smooth effect.
  • Eliminates 100% of frizz.
  • Reconstructs and repairs hair.
  • Hydration and deep nutrition.
  • Extreme brightness.
  • Thermal protection of the hair.
  • Compatible with all types of hair.
  • It nuances unwanted tones in blonde hair.
  • It can be performed on pregnant women and girls.

What price is it?

Around 250 euros.

How is it kept at home?

A shampoo and a mask for home. If these are specific for this type of treatment, they will lengthen its duration and the results will be more spectacular.



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