Launch petition to request negative Covid tests to tourists in Los Cabos

La Paz.- Before the Covid rebound in Baja California Sur, especially in Los Cabos, citizens of this international tourist destination have launched an initiative to collect signatures demanding that a negative PCR test tourists to enter the destination.

The initiative, through the platform, has 5,419 signatures of support. In it, the Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis that “shield the state with negative Covid tests.”

“Mr. Governor, Carlos Mendoza Davis, Mr. Secretary of Health, Víctor George Flores, it is time for you to take the necessary letters given the seriousness we are experiencing! Enough to protect the interests of the Hotel Sector, it is time to protect the citizens of Baja California Sur ”, reads the exhibition to sign that Jessica Ann Olsen, a Los Cabos resident, began.

The letter also indicates that healthy and protected citizens are required – he says – to move forward with destiny.

“Although we live from tourism, it cannot be more clear, but we continue to receive visitors from all over the world and at the price of the health of our families.”

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In the initiative, they state that proof of vaccination is not enough, since it does not ensure total immunity against the coronavirus, less with the circulation in BCS of the most aggressive strains, Delta, Gamma and Alpha.

“You who work in the hotel, in the airport, in immigration, in customs, in hospitals, in supermarkets, in private and public transport, in house cleaning, in garbage collection, in restaurants, bars, on boats, in tours, in private villas, in maintenance of areas, in government offices, in construction, in hospitality sectors, you young person, you mother and father of the family, you economic support of the family, we raise our voice so that the Government of the State and Mexico help us protect our loved ones. We are all interrelated in some way, ”it reads.

Interviewed by THE UNIVERSALJessica Ann Olsen, who initiated the petition, said that as a worker in the tourism sector, she is observing with concern that more and more tourists arrive and infections are also increasing.

“We are all exposed, coworkers, neighbors, it is worrying that we are not protected in a certain way by the government, that they do not ask them for a negative test for COVID as it is happening all over the world. It is even more so when one knows that there are passengers who have said that even being positive they have traveled here. It is worrying that there is no control and that is why we wanted to raise our voices ”, he commented.

He said that the destination is very attractive and therefore “everyone wants to come”, but there is a need for a better prevention system, he concluded.

According to information from the Ministry of Health in BCS, the entity registers 2,132 active cases of Covid-19 and is in the third national place with more active cases. The municipality of Los Cabos leads at the local level, with 1,186 cases, followed by La Paz, with 795 confirmed cases.

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