Launch of the Artemis-1 SLS Rollout #2: THIS is what you need to know about the upcoming NASA mission

Here we provide you with exciting news and background information on upcoming space events and space happenings. Today we report on the market launch of the Artemis-1 SLS Rollout #2 on Monday, June 6th, 2022. You can read all the details about the Artemis-1 SLS Rollout #2 mission in this article.

Space events are usually processes that do not belong to the usual rocket launches. “Space events” not only report on engine tests or space walks, but also on landings of spacecraft, flybys and other maneuvers that take place outside the earth and are controlled by various space programs.

Overview of the Artemis-1 mission

NASA will bring its SLS (Space Launch System) rocket back to LC-39B, where it will conduct a dress rehearsal (Wet Dress Rehearsal, WDR) during which the rocket will be loaded with fuel and countdown to ignition, where the countdown is stopped.

The rollout is expected to take around 11 hours and will use an improved caterpillar transporter, the same system used by the previous rockets (Space Shuttle, Ares, Saturn, etc.).

Artemis-1 SLS Rollout #2
original designation Artemis-1 SLS Rollout #2
event type launch
Mission type manned spaceflight for reconnaissance purposes
When? 06.06.2022
Wo? Kennedy Space Center
rocket name Space Launch System (SLS)
Live Link

See the launch of the Artemis-1 SLS Rollout #2 live

Most live events are broadcast directly from NASA TV. Here you can find the latest 24/7 access to diverse channels on the exploration of the universe, as well as a range of other live programs, coverage of missions, events, press conferences and rocket launches.

Under this link you can be there live when the market launch of the Artemis-1 SLS Rollout #2 takes place.

What is the goal of the Artemis-1 mission?

Artemis-1 (formerly Exploration Mission 1) is the first flight with the Space Launch System and the second flight of the Orion crew spacecraft. The mission is planned as an unmanned circumnavigation flight.

Where does the Artemis-1 mission take place?

The mission takes place in lunar orbit. The lunar orbit is the orbit of an object around the moon. In relation to a space program, however, this does not refer to the orbit of the moon around the earth, but to the orbits of various manned or unmanned spacecraft around the moon.

Space programs and organizations involved in Artemis-1 SLS Rollout #2

ARTEMIS: The Artemis program is a U.S. government-funded crewed space program whose goal is to land the first woman and “next man” on the moon by 2024, in the region of the lunar south pole.

These space organizations are involved:

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Last update for launch: 05/17/2022

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Incidentally, the ISS can often be seen from Earth with the naked eye.

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