Regular meditation and yoga workshops allow employees meaningful access to care and resources for an extended period of time.

It is important that workplaces place their trust in people and are available to them without questions at times.

Today, employers are trying to address employee mental health concerns arising from the pandemic crisis. This crisis has made mental health more important to employers than ever before. This is what some companies are doing for the mental well-being of their employees.

According to Dipankar Kalita, Head of Human Resources at Provana India, “The pandemic, in addition to physically disrupting the lives of many people, also had a psychological impact. Remote work altered the work pattern and many of them witnessed the convergence of personal and professional life and people began to feel disconnected ‘.

“It allowed leaders to usher in meaningful changes that not only address the current pandemic situation, but also survive it. As we address short-term mental health concerns and focus on the long-term benefit of addressing them, we collaborate with the MFine app and have had 24/7 help desks to help and support our employees. and also their families. We also conduct regular expert yoga and meditation workshops, allowing our employees meaningful access to care and resources over an extended period of time. At Provana, our employees will continue to be the focal point of everything we do, ”he added.

Speaking about how sports can improve mental health, Arun Mallavarapu, Co-Founder and CTO of said: “Working in a startup culture demands long, quality work hours. As a health technology company, we believe that performing sports activities such as team bonding exercises will ensure the release of endorphins that will reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. During pre-covid times, we host bi-monthly badminton and cricket sessions for employees. Three to four hours of complete fun and sweat will keep a person motivated and mentally fresh. But now that we are back in the office, we are planning to organize more sports-related sessions soon with the proper security measures.

Speaking of measures to ensure the holistic well-being of employees, Anu Mathew, Pine Labs’ chief of staff, said: “At Pine Labs, we attach the utmost importance to the issue of well-being and are aware that, as colleagues and as a team , we can support each other. to respond positively to the events that happen around us. The COVID-19 outbreak is a good example where colleagues played a critical role in supporting each other. “

“We have an internal interdisciplinary health team headed by our commercial director. This team is passionate about making each person at Pine Labs healthier through various initiatives, from step marathons, yoga sessions, and health challenges. We have had a great response to programs like ‘Sleep Challenge’ and ‘Happiness Challenge’ that introduce participants to new self-care exercises and foster self-awareness. We host regular contests that include music contests that allow people to connect with each other throughout the organization and build relationships. Our leaders host coffee meetings regularly for personal connection and to hear thoughts and ideas, ”added Mathew.

Echoing similar views, Mamta Sharma, Vice President – HR Director – India & Fiserv Global Services, “Our commitment to holistic wellness is reflected in everything we do for our associates: benefits, culture, growth, learning, well-being and engagement. We recognize the challenges of this new and hybrid world and focus on building a culture to which everyone belongs and can fully work. Our carefully selected wellness program, Fuel Your Life, promotes physical, financial, social, and emotional well-being among our associates. With a strong emphasis on employee morale, we conduct meetings and campaigns to boost optimism amid extended periods of working from home. And our 24/7 Employee Assistance Program provides support in resolving concerns that affect associates’ family, work, and emotional well-being.

Speaking about solutions to address mental well-being, Rupal Rajal, Head of People Operations at Rupifi said: “Since March 2020, our lives changed dramatically when it was limited to our homes and our homes became our workplaces. Unable to draw a dividing line between personal and professional life, increasing stress and work pressure, fitness and nutrition must be part of your daily regimen. While you should enjoy and love what you do at work, it is important that you never stop learning, exploring, experimenting, and more. Always make sure to keep close to those friends and family who support you through difficult times, who understand you and keep you emotionally sane.

“It is important that workplaces place their trust in people and are available to them without questions at times. Between the more flexible work culture and support team, one such initiative at Rupifi provides unlimited leave in support of mental and emotional well-being without looking for answers / reasons. All generations must understand that stress, anxiety and depression accumulate from what is happening. Ask for help, build a coping mechanism or be that support system for those who need it ”, concluded Rupal.

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