Lasting Relationship Secrets: 11 Magnetic Qualities That Hold Them Together

Lasting Relationship Secrets: 11 Magnetic Qualities That Hold Them Together


Do you know what magnetic qualities are? We will explain it to you and we will tell you about the 11 that have the most weight when it comes to maintaining a relationship alive over time.

There is no magic formula for relationships to last. In the end, what makes a romantic relationship lasting is a set of circumstances, work on the part of both, and the greater or lesser success in choosing a partner. This is where what are known as magnetic qualities come in.

Although at first or in short-term relationships, physical appearance plays a preponderant role, when what is sought is to maintain stability, we evaluate a series of different factors. An investigation carried out in Greece has delved into them, finally detecting the 11 magnetic qualities that have the most weight when it comes to maintaining a relationship alive over time. Are you curious to know what they are? We tell you.

Fidelity and reliability

A relationship cannot be lasting if there is no trust between the two. When the person next to you shows you that they are not to be trusted with their attitudes, that relationship is doomed to failure, since it will be impossible to make plans for the future.

Put dedication to the relationship and show affection

Relationships work, and showing affection to your partner to remind him that you still care is a success factor that should not be underestimated. Small gestures can have great value.

Sense of humor

When the passion wanes, a good laugh together can fill that gap. Someone with whom you share a similar sense of humor makes living together more bearable.

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Romanticism and sensitivity

It’s hard to think that a relationship will work if feelings are never shown. Finding time for romance and to express what you feel is essential to keep the flame of love alive.

Maintain good relationships with family and friends

No sentimental relationship is an island. Each of the members of the couple has family and friends with whom they interact, and maintaining a good relationship with them helps to make living together more pleasant and there is no friction.

Help with household chores

A partner should be seen as a partner, not someone to serve. That is why it is important to get involved in household chores, and those who do so strengthen that bond.

Satisfy the partner sexually

The interest in giving pleasure to the couple is essential for the survival of a relationship. If one of the members seeks her exclusive satisfaction while ignoring the needs of the other, the chances of that couple having a long run are minimal.

have a positive attitude

If something is certain, it is that any relationship will go through difficulties and problems. And we don’t want to have someone next to us who only knows how to complain and bring negativity when that happens.


Nobody wants a partner who ducks the buck in the face of problems or who only looks out for their own interest. A relationship requires commitment for both of you to row in the same direction.

have common interests

No matter how strong the initial attraction is, there must be something else that holds the couple together when it falters. Having common interests ensures that both of you will have topics to talk about when the relationship settles down.

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Economic stability

Although money does not seem relevant if there is love, the lack of it can end any relationship. That is why the economic situation also plays an important role when it comes to keeping a couple alive in the long term.

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