Last year there were 4.5 million part-time people in the Netherlands | NOW

About 4.5 million people in our country worked part-time last year. Almost a third of men work less than 35 hours a week, compared to 70 percent of women, according to figures released Monday by Statistics Netherlands.

The working labor force between 15 and 75 years old amounted to 9.3 million people last year. Of these, 48 percent worked part-time, women more often than men. Cashiers did this the most, with about 94 percent of them being part-time workers. Managers mostly worked full-time, while farmers mostly worked more than 40 hours a week.

Most part-time workers can be found in the service sector, the teaching professions and in care and welfare. 91 percent of caregivers are part-time workers.

Other health care professions also have a high percentage of part-time workers, such as pharmacy assistants, nurses, and medical practice assistants. This mainly concerns women who work between 20 and 35 hours a week. Furthermore, many part-timers can be found with kitchen helpers, cleaners, waiters and bar staff.

Employers’ organizations are calling on employees to work more hours to counter the shortage in the labor market. According to VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland and AWVN, extension of working hours should be discussed more often in companies and in collective bargaining.

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