SÖZCÜ TV’s guest, Coronavirus (corona virus), one of the members of the Science Committee. Dr. Serap Şimşek Yavuz became.

While it is a matter of curiosity whether new measures will come in the fight against the epidemic before the Eid al-Adha. Dr. Yavuz explained the latest developments on SÖZCÜ TV…

The highlights of the program are as follows:


We shouldn’t have a holiday like old holidays. We should not meet people living in different houses as much as possible, postpone festivities, and continue not to be in crowded environments.

In holidays, we should pay attention to wearing masks, maintaining distance, if possible, we should feast through the phone. epidemic in the world, Turkey also continues, cases are increasing, we must continue to pay attention, we talked about them in general.

Are there any new restrictions?

The rules are always the same, the same rules apply in this period. Especially crowded tables should be avoided, distance and mask rules should be followed. If you’re asking for a curfew, I don’t know about it.

Is the flu vaccine effective in the coronavirus?

Risk groups in particular should have flu vaccines, we say this every year. On the other hand, coronavirus is a disease like flu, especially the risk group, smokers and obese people should pay attention to flu vaccines. On the other hand, the flu vaccine does not have any protection from Covid, besides covid-19, this call is made so that there is no flu.


You have to be masked when entering there, it should not be too crowded, if measures are taken in this sense, there is no problem in the victim markets. On the other hand, the only disease transmitted from animals is not corona, but Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, and these cases have increased recently, again there is anthrax disease. In this sense, barrier measures must be taken, strictly hygiene rules must be observed. It is absolutely necessary to use gloves and apron.

The risk here is that you meet with people you do not live in the same house in the victim markets, you shop, so the establishing markets are dangerous.

Currently in the world and in Turkey epidemic is not under control, and increased rapidly spreading virus all over the world.

This epidemic is not only sick in the world, it also has economic psychological consequences. So we all have a responsibility not to be sick, we must strive not to be sick individually and not to spread the disease.

Coronary virus is not transmitted from victim meat, but it is a general rule not to touch the meat with bare hands. Because many viruses other than meats can be transmitted.


Two and a half of a thousand people carry and spread the disease without showing any symptoms. 200-250 thousand people may be carrying the virus in Turkey. In the data available, about 40 percent of people carry the virus without any symptoms.

We cannot reduce the risk to zero, but we can reduce it. As a requirement of our business, we use community transportation, we can enter mass areas. In these cases, we should definitely use our mask and choose calmer hours.

For example, schools will be opened now. This is an important issue, all measures should be taken somehow. For example, if the classes are small, a certain group of students will come for a certain hour, followed by another group of students. Thus, students will be protected against crowd.

Opening schools is a very dynamic process, new measures must be taken constantly. For example, online education can be continued for a group, lessons can be reduced in formal education, as I said, the number of students in the class can be diluted.

Measures such as disinfectant and cologne should not be exaggerated, this could also be harmful. Where necessary, disinfectant can be used, hand washable when touching most touched surfaces, but no need to use every second.

Nobody knows that the virus will be reset when you look at the available data. This will not necessarily end in the next year, though.


Uncontrolled crowds like football matches, celebrations, condolences increase the risk more and more.

This is not a joke, Iran still cannot reduce the number of daily cases to under 2,000 and there is no end to this. If these uncontrolled crowded activities continue, the virus g-never ends.


I am hoped for vaccination, I have to hope. There are hundreds of vaccine studies in the world, there are at least three or four vaccine studies that are at a level that can protect against disease when administered to humans. This would normally take years.

Regarding the vaccine, it seems that the vaccine will be released at the end of this year if it is effective. But if you ask if it will be enough for the whole world, of course it will not be enough. This is another problem.

The tests we have to diagnose this disease quickly entered the market and began to be used. These tests were put into use without being adequately tested due to the emergency caused by a pandemic. Unfortunately, the success rate of these tests is not one hundred percent. There are even five percent successful results, but an average of 70 percent success.

The tests may be incorrect due to the stage of the disease, not the material used. The positive test of the PCR test means that the person has a strictly coronavirus. The number of cases worldwide shows only those who have positive PCR tests.

There is information that the cases are increasing in the Southeast. Of course, there can be more crowded houses. I did not receive information from my friends who were there about health services that the services were inadequate.


I present all my ideas, opinions and knowledge without being angry. I did not calculate how much was taken seriously, and I do not find it right to do such an account. Unfortunately, this can also be a material of politics, and from there people can beat each other. However, we should all be on the verge of a job, we can only fight this epidemic in this way.