Last minute: Sinan Ogan announced his decision!

Last minute: Sinan Ogan announced his decision!

Last minute… Türkiye goes to the polls for the second time on 28 May. After the second round of the election, it was wondered who Sinan Ogan would support. Ogan announced the highly anticipated decision. Ogan announced that they will support President Erdogan in the second round.

There is little time left for the 2nd round of the Presidential elections. Sinan Ogan, nominated by the ATA Alliance, received 5.17 percent of the vote in the first round. After the first round, the ATA Alliance disbanded. While waiting for the attitude of the voters who voted for Ogan in the second round, Sinan Ogan announces his second round decision at a press conference.


The highlights from Sinan Ogan’s speech are as follows:

“As predicted, the presidential elections held on 14 May have reached the second round. As the presidential candidate of the ATA Alliance, we achieved an effective point in the second round of the elections by getting 5.2 votes.

“We received threats, we were attacked, they spread fake news about us because we didn’t behave the way they wanted, they made us look like they were part of dirty bargains, we were lynched on social media. But we did not give up, we did not collapse.


“About 3 years ago, we said that if there is no Turkish nationalist candidate, we will not leave Turkish nationalists alone and we set out. We said that if such a candidate comes out, we will withdraw. However, there was no candidate, so we accelerated our work. Towards the end of the process, the ATA Alliance was established. On March 11, I was declared the candidate of the alliance.

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“Unfortunately, many people are watching with surprise that we got 5.2 votes in the last month, or rather they think so. What they did not know and ignored was this: We have been carrying out this work for 3 years, we prepared the bottom wave in 3 years.

“Would have finished in the first round if we had withdrawn”

“It was around 9-16 percent, which we expect to get under normal conditions. With the vile lynching culture launched against Mr. Muharrem İnce in the last straight of the election reaching its goal, the extrajudicial execution launched against us this time in the last 3 days caused our voters to be frightened. I think everyone has seen the fact that if we withdraw, the election will end in the first round.

“From the first day, we put forth a plan, we stuck to the plan. Our goal continues. Hopefully we will reach it in the coming years. Our rule of thumb is this: Stick to the plan.


“We have made Turkish nationalism and Kemalism one of the main agendas of the country. We raised the Turkish nationalists to a key position. We repositioned the Turkish nationalist electorate, interspersed between the two alliances, at the center of politics. We ensured that the candidates who made it to the 2nd round embraced our discourse.


“In the 14 May elections, Turkish voters seriously warned both alliances for not paying due attention to the sensitivities of the Turkish nation. Four main issues need to be addressed and resolved urgently. One of them is the issue of refugees. The second is the earthquake issue. The third is the economic problems that deeply shake the society. The fourth fundamental issue is the stable continuation of the fight against all kinds of terrorist acts against our country. The political extensions of terrorism must be purged from politics. We prevented the HDP, which could not keep its distance from terrorism, from determining the person who would take Atatürk’s seat.

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“The theses of reckoning with the Republic have been buried in the dustbin of history. The necessity of stability in the Turkish defense industry is obvious. Integration with the Turkish world should be accelerated.


“It is important that the parliament and the presidency are under the same alliance management on the basis of stability in the newly passed presidential government system. The Nation Alliance has not been successful enough, it has not been able to offer a perspective that will convince us about the future, it has not been able to secure a parliamentary majority and has missed the stability factor.

“An uninterrupted and stable struggle against all kinds of terrorist organizations will be continued. There is now a timetable on the issue of asylum seekers and fugitives and it will start working as soon as possible. All conditions will be enforced for the safe return of asylum seekers to their countries within a timetable.

“The second round of the elections on May 28 is critical. We met with both candidates and discussed our publicly known priorities. We have defended our principles without any bargaining, engagement, or demand.

“I declare that we will support Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the candidate of the People’s Alliance, in the second round of the elections. I invite the voters who voted for us to support Mr. Erdogan.


On the other hand, there was heavy traffic at ATA Alliance parties in Ankara today. AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtulmuş visited the Victory Party leader Ümit Özdağ at the headquarters of his party. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu visited Vecdet Öz of the Justice Party. The statements made after the critical meetings became the agenda in a short time.

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