Last minute… Minister Koca announced! New decision in Sinovac and BioNTech vaccines

Minister Koca, in a statement after the Coronavirus Scientific Committee meeting held with the video conference method, stated that the course of the number of cases, the vaccination program and holiday measures were discussed at the meeting.

Reminding that the amount of vaccine administered as of today has exceeded 60 million doses thanks to the fast-running vaccination program, Koca said, “From the beginning, we have determined that we want to apply at least one dose of vaccine to all our citizens aged 18 and over before the holiday, and we have determined that the most important step to return to normal is this. We said it was.” used the phrases.

Pointing out that they share the vaccination rates of the target population in the provinces daily, and the vaccine dose applications instantaneously, Koca said, “Our provinces, whose colors turn blue on the map, excite us and express the hope of getting rid of the epidemic. Our torches turn blue on the way to hope.” said.

Cities with increasing number of cases

Pointing out that there has been an increasing trend in the number of cases in the last week, Koca continued as follows:

“Our old and bitter experience shows that it is very costly to control it. Unfortunately, there is a similarity between our provinces with an increasing number of cases and the rate of vaccination. Except for a few exceptions, the number of cases in our provinces with low vaccination rates is increasing several times compared to the previous week.

We have an example of England before us. As the epidemic came to an end, they suddenly encountered tens of thousands of cases. The increasing number of cases, which is pleasing, does not increase the number of deaths for now. However, this is an important example that shows us that we should learn from it.”

“In addition to the vaccine weapon, we also have the power to comply with the measures”

Emphasizing that the coronavirus mutates by nature, variants can increase the rate of transmission or the ability to make patients sick, Koca made the following assessments:

“In addition to the vaccine weapon, we have the power to adapt to the measures against the increasing variants. We can also protect ourselves from the variants by following the measures. The coming days are just before the holiday that we are looking forward to. We should definitely not compromise on the measures when we come together for the holiday. Ignorance can render the weapons in our hands ineffective. The precaution is our guarantee. Closed and “We should not interfere with the crowds in areas with limited ventilation, and we should not make the holiday harmful to ourselves and our loved ones. If we follow the precautions and get vaccinated, this will be the last holiday we will spend without kissing hands and hugging each other. Let’s stay away from contact with each other this holiday for the last time.”

Time to administer the second dose of vaccines

Stating that the Scientific Committee has evaluated some current developments in vaccination, Koca said, “According to the new information and experience, for our citizens whose 1st dose vaccine has been completed, those who have received the Sinovac vaccine will receive the 2nd dose vaccine 4 weeks later, and those who have the BioNTech vaccine will receive the 2nd dose vaccine 3 weeks after the first dose. They may be a week later. In our systems, the right to be vaccinated has been defined accordingly. If the day has come, you can go to get vaccinated by making your appointment. Our goal is to have our 1st and 2nd dose of vaccines until the holiday in order to enter the holiday safely.” shared his knowledge.

“If we do not comply with the measures and do not get our vaccine, we may face difficult days”

Saying that the increasing trend in the number of cases despite the success of the vaccination program is an indication that the epidemic is not over yet, Koca said:

“Of course, we are not on an agenda that will require restrictions again. However, if we do not comply with the measures and do not vaccinate, we may face days that are difficult to compensate. The condition for a strong return to normal is to comply with the measures until the community immunity is provided by vaccination. On this occasion, we congratulate Eid al-Adha in advance, with health and happiness to many more with your loved ones I hope you reach out together.”


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