Last minute: Important statements from President Erdogan at the mass opening ceremony in Kocaeli

Erdogan said that those who made the tutelage, coup plotters, terrorists, or this or that imperialist powers their comrades, not the nation, were mankurts who did not face the same qibla, did not look in the same direction, and did not share the same feelings as the Turkish nation.

Stating that there are reproaches from many quarters, from politicians to so-called intellectuals, with every step they take, Erdoğan said, “This will happen. For example, they say, ‘If you take steps despite this country in Syria, these disasters will befall us.’ For example, they say, ‘If you make agreements in the Mediterranean despite this country, we will get socks like this.’ For example, they say, ‘If you give support without paying attention to the balance of power in the Caucasus, we will get a headache.’ For example, they say, ‘If you do not follow the prescriptions imposed on us in the economy, it will rain on us.’ For the benefit of the country and the nation, someone is voicing similar veiled threats on their behalf, on behalf of whoever they represent. he said.

Upon the cheers of the participating women in the field, Erdogan said, “Mashallah. The enthusiasm of our ladies is also on point today.” used the phrase.

“Despite many sabotages, traps and sneaky games, we didn’t turn from this road”

In his speech, “So what did we do?” Asking the question, Erdogan said:

“With the inspiration we get from our thousands of years of state tradition and our 1000-year existence in Anatolia, we started the construction of a great and powerful Turkey by breaking the shackles on our feet one by one, by undoing the chains on our hands, by throwing off the hump on our backs, by fortifying our bonds of heart with our nation. “We have focused on our own goals on the centuries-old infrastructure of democracy and development that we have brought to our country in 20 years. Despite many sabotage, many traps and many sneaky tricks, we did not turn from this path, we did not deviate, we did not hesitate.”

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Meanwhile, Erdogan called out to the young people saying “AK Youth is here with its Chief” and said, “Mashallah. I’m with you too.” gave the answer.

Last Minute: President Erdoğan made important statements at the collective opening ceremony in Kocaeli | Video


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan continued his speech as follows:

“Now, I’ll come to a point. I wouldn’t want to say this here. There is a certain main opposition, and next to it, there are juvenile oppositions. One of these juvenile oppositions is also a Kocaeli deputy. I wouldn’t want to mention it at all. However, he had an explanation recently. It’s not too far away. In other words, she says, “We did not do what is necessary in the fight against drugs in our 20-year rule. Lady, first of all, you will know that in our government, there is no room for neither watery nor dry drugs. You know Tayyip Erdoğan well at this point. You know well whether it has anything to do with it or not. How come you are talking about it? No Captagons, no these, no these. We have fought, we are fighting and we will fight all of these. The struggle of our Minister of Interior, the struggle of myself, our ministers and our cabinet are all of us. It is a known fact for the people who bought these water-dry drugs in your own cadre and in the main opposition. think about them. Do you realize who you are walking with? So you will know your limits first. First of all, you will not deny the AK Party government’s fight against water-dry drugs at this point. You will know this well. There is no place for drugs in our book, and we have fought, are and will give our fight to the end. But ma’am, think first of what’s under your own roof, how you’re walking with them. At this point, our struggle is clear, definite and no one can deny this struggle, our fight against drugs.”



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