LAST MINUTE | Flash statement from the Minister institution! We have good good news: President Erdogan will announce on October 28


Asked how the construction would be on detached land, the Authority said: “We are in the process of preparing a zoning plan for detached land. The area where the buildings will sit, the drawing distance, the floor height, the zoning everything will be clearly determined in the zoning plan. Whether it’s masonry or steel, they can prepare their project in accordance with the legislation, determine their projects as they want and do it.” gave the answer.

Minister Kurum stated that there are projects suitable for regional architecture for 7 regions, that these projects will be presented according to the regions and technical support will be provided.

The Minister Kurum answered the questions about building houses on the lands with common plots, “We have multi-storey houses in the common plots. If our citizens in these houses provide the majority, if our citizens in the whole plot say ‘Let’s ask for construction support of TOKI’, we will not leave any work unfinished. There too. We will not be indifferent to this demand of our citizens, and we will give the production support there through our TOKİ Presidency.” said.

Murat Kurum said that necessary support for the construction will be provided.

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