Last call from Giulia and Alessia before tragic train accident: ‘We’ll be home soon’ | Abroad

The girls from Castenaso near Bologna went to the ‘Peter Pan’ disco in Riccione on Saturday evening. Giulia’s bag was stolen there and Alessia’s cell phone battery was dead. A boy lent his phone to the girls so that they could call their father to reassure him. Normally Father Vittorio would pick up his daughters after they had gone out, but this time he wasn’t feeling well.

For once, therefore, the sisters would take the train home. The girls arrived at the station about 6.50 am. At least five witnesses saw them approaching the platforms. Giulia was the first to cross the tracks. Alessia joined her sister and sat down on the platform as well. “We were still screaming for them to get out of there,” witnesses said.

Father Vittorio is devastated by the loss of his daughters. “They were my life,” he says. “Giulia and Alessia were not only sisters, but also each other’s best friend. They were always together.” The girls’ mother, who left her family in December to go back to live in Romania, hurried back to Castenaso after the tragic accident at Riccione station.

The mayor of the city, Daniela Angelini, is also affected. “On behalf of the entire Riccione community, I express my deep sorrow for what has happened at our station and my condolences to the families affected by this terrible tragedy,” she wrote in a statement. Also Mayor Carlo Gubellini of the municipality of Castenaso expressed his condolences. “This tragedy is hard to accept. We feel immeasurable pain.”

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