“I pay what is legal – 665 euros, but as of January 1, 2022 the minimum wage in my group will be 750 euros, well above the 705 that the government proposes for next year”, reveals the owner of Laskasas to Business.

“I create brand value, for what I can pay better”, explains Celso Lascasas, leader of one of the largest Portuguese manufacturers of furniture and decoration items, with three factories in Rebordosa, in the municipality of Paredes, and a network of 15 stores, of which 11 in Portugal and four abroad (in Punta Cana, Marbella, Luanda and Moscow).

“The company has shown positive results and continues to grow in a sustained manner”, and “the merit is, without a doubt, of our employees. I believe that these good results are only possible with a highly motivated, committed and dedicated team like ours. “, highlights the CEO of Laskasas.

The minimum wage increase in the group he leads encompasses “about 70” of his current 430 workers.

“The increase in salaries is also a way of recognizing and motivating our team, so that the company can continue to grow in the future and give our workers some more purchasing power”, signals Lascasas.

After having broken the record of invoicing in 2020, reaching 24 million euros, Celso Lascasas foresees ending the current year with a growth of around 12% compared to sales registered last year.

However, the businessman guarantees that the situation of lack of labor, which he had reported to Negócios less than three weeks ago, did not change.

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“I need about 40 more people, including carpenters, upholsterers, machinists and locksmiths, but I can’t find it, which means that I’m rejecting orders and extending the deadlines for the delivery of others”, complained Celso Lascasas, to last November 2nd.

November 22: “The situation remains”, laments the businessman.


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